Mystical Russia Perverted (1)

In an late night interview (March 20, 2022), following Putin’s Moscow Rally, Lawrence O’Donnell asked historian professor Timothy Snyder to comment, He said something truly remarkable:

I was stuck by the dreamy quality of it (Putin’s speech). Mr. Putin has this idea that God has something to do with his desire to bring Ukraine and Russia together by force. Over and over he asserts that there’s some kind of divine or mystical unity between these two countries. He has the notion that there’s a fragmented world and it’s his job as leader of Russia to restore the world the way it ought to be. It’s a vision…

Putin driven by a vision! Can there be a mystical or visionary basis to Putin’s claims? A mystical basis that he has perverted into an ideology? Around 1960 a modern mystic witnessed the interiority of the world soul and carved what he saw into a wall: 

Dennis Merritt (2012)

This mystic was C. G. Jung who carved a bas-relief in his wall at Bollingen c 1960. Above the bear (symbol for Russia), he inscribed “the bear sets the ball rolling”. The other symbols in the carving show that the movement initiated by the bear have to do with the world soul moving from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age. For a fuller account of this neglected carving by Jung, see my book, The Coming Guest and The New Art Form (25 ff) and Russell Lockhart’s Psyche Speaks: A Jungian Approach to Self & World. Lockhart is the only Jungian author who has taken up Jung’s carving as an augury and engaged its many hints, producing further refined anticipations of “what is to come.” 

During the nineties I had been drawn into erotic engagement with the mystical life of Russia and have written a long essay on the engagement. During that time I had the following vision:

I am underground in a tunnel, a subway. A small cart comes along the tracks with gifts, one for me, with my name on it. A juggernaut, a subway train, comes and pushes the cart back into the tunnel where I can’t reach it. I follow it to get my parcel. I arrive at a terminal and a man shows me the wrappings of the gift. The gift is gone. I feel bereft, isolated, impoverished, typical feelings of my childhood. Then a scene opens up on the world stage. Gorbachev and Yeltsin are working on a plan. Yeltsin says, “Well, let’s come back later and do some more”. Gorbachev looks at him very tenderly and embraces him with real warmth, between two former advisors. It was a moment of genuine love between them. 

I was staggered to learn that Gorbachev is Piscean and Yeltsin is Aquarian! This vision indicates that a mystical erotic union “wants” to occur, for the transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian,  as Russia at the “political level”—the level at which power dominates all. This vision is strongly related to the 1917 visions of Fatima in which the goddess of the world commanded the Catholic Church to “consecrate Russia to My Immaculate Heart”. The Church has steadfastly refused to obey Her command even in spite of the dire warnings of disobedience that She issued. Political or institutional power interests outweigh Love’s divine command. Where unification of Russia with the rest of the world (i.e. world individuation) was called for, institutional stubborn refusal to consecrate Russia in an act of ritualised love and embrace has instead led to catastrophe.

In my book Peril in Thinking, I write: 

Today the psychic background to our existence is an upheaval of self-transformational movement. Because our cultural practices and epistemology in general today have no knowledge, or even interest in this “background reality”, these upheavals are “breaking in” with the violence of a thunderstorm. Alternatively, many individuals, who sense the presence of such a “creative” ground, are reaching for its treasures purely on the basis of self-interest, with no ritual preparation. The result is that living language is “breaking into” the ordinary plane of consciousness as the hidden “within-ness” of our daily discourses, and is determining events in the world. We apprehend and literalize this incarnation as untrammelled power operating in many domains of human interest, most notably politics, economics, and the media. In its most extreme form we recognize it as totalitarianism and fascism—two major political forces that shaped the 20th century. 

And so, out of this story of utter human betrayal of cosmic Love, Putin emerges, filled with the mystical wealth of the Russian soul which was ready for transformation/unification with the rest of the world and equally filled with ideological power and zeal. The result is the war with Ukraine and insane speeches like the one at the recent Moscow rally. 

So, yes, Timothy Snyder and Lawrence O’Donnell, a dreamy rally speech indeed. You don’t know how right you are. We now witness how usurping divine commands of Love for the purpose of secular power can lead us to the edge, not of unification and individuation of the world, but instead to total annihilation. 

Mystical Russia Perverted (2)