Serpent Love

SERPENT LOVE: Embraced in Time

In the early eighties I dreamed:

I am lying down in my analyst’s room, alone. A large erect cobra is watching me silently from the floor. I close my eyes and remain still. The cobra flicks his tongue in and out of my mouth. As He does so I feel an indescribable feeling of being loved. Then He leaves.

I take two extremely poisonous and beautiful snakes and free them. They begin to make love to each other while I lay between them. We thus form a caduceus. I believe they will not harm me as long as I am still. I am correct. They move on and around me.

Some years later I dream this image …

SERPENT LOVE: Embraced in Time

this essay is
the serpent
it bent but
did not break
my back.

Augustine expresses
the difficulty succinctly:

what, then, is Time?
if no one asks of me, I know;
if I wish to explain to him who asks,
I know not.