Black Vortex

Many years ago, during the time that I had been rudely drafted into the question of the end of the world, I suffered the following vision that broke into my life:

I look out the window and see a black vortex tearing the city apart, wreaking havoc in its path. Nothing could stand in its way. The scale is way beyond any natural occurrence, its power is incomprehensible. Somehow I could detect an intelligence within its violent movement—an alien intelligence. Was it looking for something, someone? It comes closer. Not knowing what else to do, I leap to the floor prostrate and, guided by some unknown intuition, become completely still. The black vortex hovers just outside and a smaller human-sized black vortex breaks off and comes forward towards me as I lie face down on the floor. A scout? It runs up and down my spine, seemingly taking a reading of me or my chakras. Having completed its investigation it withdraws and returns to the “parent” vortex, which then withdraws to continue its path of utter destruction.

One of my all-time favourite science-fiction books is Stranger in a Strange Land. It is a story of human astronauts who visit Mars and die there except for one boy who is taken into the care of the “Old Ones” and raised as a Martian. These Old Ones are ageless and they are also artists. They have an aesthetic problem re: their creation of the Solar System. Does the Earth make aesthetic sense to the overall gestalt? They have already tinkered with their art work design and we know the upshot as the asteroid belt which forms a torus between Mars and Jupiter. Sadly, they may have to think the planet Earth out of existence too but they have plenty of time to ponder and in the meantime they will send out a scout or emissary to Earth to find out a little more before they decide what to do. They send the young human being back and so the book unfolds…

The possibility of the end of the world being in the hands of the Old Ones, i.e. powers and intelligences that simply lie beyond all human comprehension is simply not countenanced today. It is disparagingly called “the god of the gap” problem, a dismissive rationalist attempt to stifle all sense of mystery: “even if we do not know today we will surely one day know”. No need for God or the Old Ones, or my Black Vortex. But our contemporary science today is stumbling towards the limits of its rationalist language:

The things most ordinary can be the things most bizarre. Before Einstein, Space and Time formed the stage on which the actors of reality made of matter and energy acted out events. But Einstein showed that Space and Time were also actors. No, the same actor! With two faces, one expressing space, one manifesting time. It’s not that Space and Time are joined in Space-Time, it’s that Space and Time are at some deep level literally the same thing. It may also be, astonishingly, that Space-Time and matter, energy are in some profound fundamental way the same thing. Some speculate that Space-Time is not fundamental but reflects a deeper reality as yet unknown. (Lee Smolin)

Finally, my vision presents the path of the appearing of the black vortex as it breaks into the world. Eyes informed by materialism will not be able to perceive this appearing—at first! Presumably direct contact on the scale of the destructive black vortex would annihilate any individual, much like current discussion of entering black holes suggests. Yet stillness seems to be a condition that allows contact with it. The black vortex scales down to meet the individual—this appearing to be its intent, i.e. to make contact with the individual. Where does this contact take place? The scout runs up and down my spine, suggesting the chakras to me. Chakras are psychic centres and so the meeting takes place “in” the psyche—more precisely the matter of the psyche. The communication between humans and this incomprehensible wonder is taking place, as physicist Lee Smolin says above, at the borderland. And that borderland as I have shown elsewhere comprises the matter of the psyche, the place where the alien other wishes to incarnate. 

And when that door is closed through fear, power, or control, the black vortex will “enter” anyway , unhumanised and in its original form, utterly annihilating everything.

There are now visible signs of this process taking place. Look for individuals, groups, nations, acting in a fragmented, disintegrated, or shattered manner and you may get a glimpse of the workings of the black vortex. Others, like me, are shown its effects on a more human scale (the scout) such that, if we can be still and hold together, we may survive to tell the tale. My tale may be read throughout these books and essays…


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