The Mother

You want it darker?…. Leonard Cohen

Many people tuning into the looming catastrophe are focussing on our relations to the Mother, or mother nature. There is a growing chorus of voices decrying  our treatment of Her, i.e. living nature. We understand we have lifted off our biological foundations into a virtual world provided us by technology, to the degree that when something goes awry with our bodies we mostly turn to technological medicine for healing. We have used our free will to erase our connection to the Mother and thus feel able to do anything we may want. No limitations! We were once regulated by the Mother in all our actions, be they biological or cultural. Cultural regulation came in many ritual forms, all acknowledging our being bounded by Her Time. Our cultural lives were ordered and limited by cyclic time, for example, the round of seasons, or the orbits of the planets and moon. To mistime a ritual event would be a deep offence —a taboo against She who holds us in Her Being, from cradle to death. Elaborate care was taken to consult the stars and to take into account unexpected events like a comet or eclipse or a dream. Today our cultural lives are totally severed from these biological and astronomical rhythms. There simply are no taboos any more. But warnings are coming loud and fast that a response from Mother Nature is pressing. Our biological lives for example continue to be governed by these rhythms of course, as we are noticing through the effects of their disruption. Our bodies are paying a steep price for the free will that by-and-large ignores natural rhythms.

But there are signs of a more terrifying development taking place. We were once regulated by the Mother biologically by inhibitions. You can still observe inhibition at work in the animal world. Courtship dances are a wondrous display of release/inhibition, governed by hormones, that ensure pregnancy will take place at the right time, i.e. the Mother’s Time. Civilisation has lost interest in these natural inhibitions, in favour of prohibitions, which are imposed from an outside “authority”. When prohibitions break down it becomes a matter for the law i.e. the law imposed on society which we must obey, or a matter for criminal psychiatry (psychopathy, sociopathy). But what happens when we have erased our biological connection to the Mother and her wisdom to the extent that inhibitions are broken down, i.e. when Her taboos are simply ignored?

It is almost nine years since the infamous Colt family was first uncovered living in depraved circumstances in a squalid bush camp in country NSW and its abhorrent clan practices came to light… The story of the clan’s history pieced together by from different trials and hearings shows the degree to which family members cohabited and conceived children with parents, siblings and other close relatives… The children suffer deprivations from their childhood: no education, unfamiliarity with toilets, showers or toothbrushes, shuffling gaits and unintelligible speech. Some have low slung ears or misaligned eyes as a result of inbreeding and they look decades older than their calendar age….

You want it darker. It is murder… Leonard Cohen


Darkness Darker Than Night