Taste The Fear!


I am a member of a Jungian Group that addresses Jung, art and creativity. A headline was posted yesterday by Admin:


Admin caved quietly into conformity and now refuses to put up any art that displays “child nudity”. What follows is a series of posts between me and Admin, as well as another Member. Can you guess the outcome?


John: I think this move by Facebook should be seen in the light of the concerted and systematic attempt, not to erase porn etc, but to erase the imagination itself. The consequence of moves like this is: If I think or imagine, or paint a child’s nude body, in that very creative act I have literally committed a perversion against a real child. Imagination collapses into the literal, and culture is pretty much done for! It’s one thing to “cave” and remove all “suggestive” art but when do you take a stand on some basis beyond survival and then face the consequences of your stand? Is the attitude “survival at all costs”? I don’t think so. I think joining FB’s act of killing off art/imagination to stay on FB is cowardly and regrettable. Shame! 

Admin: I have a different stand on art too and if I don’t comply with the rules as Admin, it can result in inactivation of the group. It doesn’t mean one cannot communicate their stand on art to the large facebook administration and I am considering it; yet, as at this point the previous admin I took the place of violated rules, I need to make sure I won’t.

John: Yes Admin, I get that point of view. But we are not talking about a mere or idiosyncratic “violation of the rules.” FB is engaging in an egregious act of murdering the imagination or psyche, as I pointed out. THAT act REQUIRES a response from all those who privilege the imagination/psyche. “If not now, when?” is my question. I assure you this “murder” is getting worse. I have written much about the death of psyche over the decades (and taken my stand). So have you at least thought about the issue in these terms, i.e. the killers of the imagination need to be opposed and such opposition most often requires “violation of the rules” (read: status quo). The attitude of survival at all costs is suicidal in this matter. The imagination/human creativity is under siege. When does each artist make his/her stand? That is what FB’s action confronts us with at this time.

John: I have a suggestion for a serious political act against FB for the crime of murdering the psyche. Gather some famous art works down through the centuries that portray child-like nude figures (reminding ourselves that a painting of a child-like nude figure is in fact NOT a real child). Place an icon of MZ’s face over the offending genitalia preferably with his tongue sticking out. This political act is in the spirit of Robert Grave’s understanding of satire as a powerful instrument in bringing down oppressive governments or States.

Admin: I removed the last comment as our group do not allow debates and controversies

Member: no one can take a stand against facebook. The latter simply moves its bots over to analyse every full stop, comma, sentence you create until it harasses you out of existence.

John: I wonder what the Unkrainians would say to a comment that says “no one can take a stand against….”

Member: John Woodcock well while you’re coming up with a comparison between apples and oranges you won’t ever reach a valid conclusion. Have you personally tried taking a stand against Facebook? I have. My experiences are no different in that regard to others who have also tried to take a stand. If you’re an exception to Facebook’s bots, let’s see what you can do.

John: I tried and was CANCELLED by the Admin, not by FB! WOW! And killing off the imagination (FB is doing this) is not comparing apples and oranges with Ukraine unless you devalue imagination’s importance to the human species..)

Member: you compared standing up by the Ukrainians with standing up to facebook. Seems you’re unaware of what you’re doing. The real issue with fb is that its bots have no context. Context gives meaning and consequently we see all this nonsense. It also doesn’t review its decisions so the nonsense stands.

(Note: this Member does not consider the possibility that I know what I am talking about but that HE does not know what I am talking about. FB posts are easily misunderstood. I was comparing the murdering of real people and the murder of the real imagination, along with the need to “stand up” for a principle: the life of Ukraine the nation or the life of the imagination, both equally under terminal threat.)

Admin:  John Woodcock This is the third time I alert you; no debates and controversies in this group. It is against our rules. I also advised you another group where you can freely be argumentative. As a consequence, I suspend your activity in this group for 3 days and I am hoping next time it won’t happen.

Admin: I’ve revised the rule and the post to include both female and male children with out clothing. Just to be safe. Even if painted or animated.

Admin: Thankyou


And here for our delight, one “protest” picture that I proposed…..

Adapted from 11 Best Sculptures of Contemporary Art in Europe 

SInce this post, and my banishment, the Admins became overwhelmed with members’ queries and astonishments about FB policy as well as Admins’ totalitarian response to it. Again, in totalitarian fashion, the Admins shut down the comments.  You can conform and try to disappear for a time until circumstances force you to take a stance and thus reveal yourself. How easily caving into the oppressors shows up the tendency to become the oppressor! Same thing happened with Covid.