Soul & Serpent Power

October 14, 1985: I dream I am sitting at a bus stop and the Serpent is talking to us in human form. A great Rinpoche visits as the Serpent in its healing aspect. Don’t they know it is in me, too, I say to myself. Now the Serpent rises and takes me over. He rises up dangerously. Dogs gather around. He/I bites one, sprays on another… Rinpoche looks at me at one point and says good humoredly that I am a mess. Much needs to come into balance. Now people are gathered around me/serpent worshipping. I say, “that’s better”. We move from person to person. The serpent was highly dangerous till it was recognized. The Rinpoche is now aware of me. He is the Serpent master and I am a fool, a dangerous one at that!I could use some lessons. I hope he draws me to him. I had to announce the presence of the Serpent somehow (if indeed I had that much control). My prayer is to Rinpoche to teach me about the Serpent. I wake up once again with the strong smell of semen.

Feb 13, 2022: A talk with Natalie Zeituny, author of the book Ensoulment, and Reality Cosmologist & Consciousness Architect, Clairvoyant, Energy Healer, Mystic, and International Speaker. In this 25 min talk we focus on significant moments that Natalie refers to as soul particles of experience and I call moments of destiny. Then the talk surprisingly  turns to my destiny with the Serpent Power over a lifetime of “soul particles of experience” or significant moments.