Dark City

This poem is inspired by a dream poem by Russ Lockhart and the movie Dark City (see below)




dark beings in control
sleep and they relocate you
another identity another life
then they experiment on you
not pleasant but you forget
when they relocate you the next day

what do they want?
what are they looking for?

woman lies prostrate
one dark being
trench coat and hat
pulls out a knife
bends over her heart
“there’s work to be done!”
blade traces out a spiral

what do they want
what are they looking for
they control everything
but they know they are wanting
for something they cannot name
they blindly search
they wantonly destroy

is her death required
for them to find
what they lack
must they destroy everything
to discover they simply
cannot find or possess
what they so desperately seek
no matter how much
they scrabble, pillage, or destroy

what she has in abundance?

Russ Lockhart’s Dream Poem (March 2020)

Mr. Pillar Man’s Visit

Tall and straight he stands
looking me over after walking
into my dream without knocking,
without invitation or permission.
“No need,” he asserts.
“That I am here is enough, that’s
the important thing after all.”
He tells me he comes and goes
in dreams of mine and others.
“Very few know me, even
fewer know my name. Tell
the others I will be along soon.
I’ve some work to do. But don’t
tell them my name.”
For now, let’s call him Mr. Pillar Man.
I’m sure you will recognize him
when he comes to your dream.
Then, sipping a latte, in some cafe,
we can compare hints he has dropped.

Dark City