Margel Hinder: Sculptor





A New World of Being unfolds along four pathways:

1. The individual effort of participation with an aspect of possible futures (the way of the initiate);

2. The enactment, by this individual, of his or her participation, thereby becoming a mouthpiece of this future  (the way of the articulator);

3. The willingness on the part of others to make a move towards interpreting the world the same way the individual does (the way of the artist);

4. The gradual congealing of that conception into the way the world is perceived, the world thus becoming, over time, “that way”, resulting in cultural practices that give expression to and strengthen that new reality (the way of knowledge).

Benoit Mandelbrot’s discovery of the fractal is one modern and outstanding example of this process towards a new world and new cultural practices/language. A new picture of reality, a “ghost of an idea”, had been slowly forming in his mind over many years and he began to perceive the world in fresh ways that corresponded to that idea—a new world of “regular irregularity”. He needed a new word to speak this new world and came up with “fractal”. As we can readily see today, pathways 3 and 4 have already followed and a new cultural practices, art forms and further discoveries have flowed on from his pioneering work with the fractal (for example, CGI). See my book, Manifesting Possible Futures for  more detail.

My work over the years is an effort to show how the “individual effort” (paths 1 and 2) is rapidly converging with emerging cultural practices (paths 3 and 4) just as Mandelbrot’s “ghost of an idea” needed the invention of computer processors capable of making billions of computations quickly in order to bring fractals into perceptible manifestation. 

The most fundamental convergence taking place today—underlying and informing all other convergences such as Mandelbrot’s—is that between our current way of being and a new way of being. This convergence has the character of chaos, violent turbulence and is accelerating to a point of singularity which I call the “threshold” between our given world of 3 dimensions and an intuited new world of 4 dimensions. This new world is beginning to penetrate our ordinary world today at the threshold of experience, as I try to articulate in my books and essays. 

I composed this short video below after a visit to the NSW Art Gallery where I was astonished to see the work of sculptor Margel Hinder as she explores the interface between the our current static world and an intuited new world of fluidity and movement.