Temple of Mystery



mystery chooses you
template pressed upon your soul
you do not know this
                                            … at first

much of your life
unfolds in tandem with others’
while drops of destiny
stain your footprints

as you step boldly forward

one innocent drop
causes a stumble
you recover your gait
only to encounter
bigger catastrophes

now without compass
facing direction orthogonal
to everything you know
world grown dark

strange new light
now bears down on you
source unknown

you are now a question
are you a yes or a no?
what must I do?
will not do

you must answer yes or no!

i do not know what to do
will not do
you must answer yes or no!

mystery chooses you
do you choose mystery?
no one will tell you
what to do

what will you do?
you choose yes?
you are now temple of mystery

you are no longer victim
nor are you in control
you are temple of mystery

your life unfolds accordingly

drops of destiny
once staining your footprints
now leading the way
and you say yes
i will follow you 

only to see
those drops disappear
time and again

you choose without knowing
and without reason
darkness surrounds you
yet you continue to say yes

template pressed upon your soul
now temple of mystery
for the new presence
asfor whom you now speak


a note: this exquisite painting so filled with gestures! Baby Jesus holds the cross in his tiny hands, like a toy perhaps, while destiny also holds Jesus in its hand. This seems clear to Mary, as she comforts John. Early childhood memory, dreams, art can give such hints of a destiny.

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