Jung’s Black Books

JUNG’S BLACK BOOKS: response to the interview with Lance Owens MD.

After a extraordinary hour-long interview about the Black Books, historian, student of depth psychology and Gnosticism, Dr. Lance Owens concludes with an intuitive leap about the material that could lie in the missing 60 pages of the Black Books. Lance suggests that Jung’s visions may be seen there. As interesting as all this was, I was really surprised by what he next said  in a kind of riff over the next few minutes. I want to offer my transcript (slightly edited for brevity) of what Lance actually said (from about 1:09:14). It’s entirely possible that this riff may be overlooked in the excitement that Jung’s published works are generating world-wide. Lance’s excitement and enthusiasm are also palpable throughout this interview but these few minutes in my view carry a crucial message to all those purporting to follow Jung in his love and commitment to the reality of the objective psyche, a point Lance affirms later on. So, listen to Lance’s words:
I have been dealing with this stuff for over 30 years. I’ve read it all… how are you going to meet the Red Book, the Black Books, how are you going to put it in context? You may not but there are things you can read in here that will just hit you… what the hell is going on with this guy (Jung)? If this is what is happening to him, maybe I should pay attention to some of this stuff happening in me?… if Jung went through this stuff with some of his fantasy figures, maybe I should pay attention to mine? Maybe I should be reporting, thinking, giving my attention to this world of soul…
Such an INDIVIDUAL move into the inner depths, through a love of psyche, would indeed give ultimate honour to Jung’s legacy at this time when psyche is rapidly being consigned to oblivion.