It’s All Better Now!


Last week I received a cheque from the US government for the princely sum of $1200. Reason? Economic Impact Payment. This should take care of things alright. I can relax, back to normal real soon.

I won’t be cashing this cheque for the following reasons:

1. I am not on the edge of survival like millions of others are.

2. Such actions simply push off the inevitable into the future, short term and long term. We are making future generations pay a very heavy price for our “I want it now” stance in the world, in our incorrigible refusal to face suffering as part of life.

3. The cheque says that the source of this money is one Donald T. Trump. It is wise to pay careful attention to the source of your money. Money is not neutral; it comes with the soul history of those who  handled it before you. Severing the connection between money and source can have dire and lasting consequences. The GFC of 2008 was a direct result of “money men” taking all the mortgages owed by thousand of NINJA’s (no income, no job, no assets, having high repayment interest) and bundling them into financial products to sell as a new kind of asset, utterly disconnected from the real worth of these loans. There was actually no chance of repayment of the mortgages. They were worthless. But in repackaging them and selling them overseas, Wall Street made a bundle until the “disconnection” from the source of these assets (ordinary home loan buyers) could no longer be sustained and it all collapsed like a house with no foundation in reality. 

See my essay, The Big Short

I will therefore frame this little item and keep it as an amulet (protection against evil or danger) by receiving it as a “piece of Trump” that found its way into my home. So how does such a gesture protect? It serves to keep conscious the association between “Trump” and the horrible abuses taking place, through the sheer lust for money, in all aspects of life now.

I say “Trump”, not Trump, to denote a phenomenon that seeks to use money as the vehicle to utterly destroy… well, everything!