Surrender II

The following image-poem emerges from a series of dreams I had in April 2017. 

In the first dream I meet “the beloved” and am suffused with love, my chakras opening, pulsing up and down vibrantly. She shows me a huge grapevine with tiny grapes coming in and, as well, a larder filled with food. 

In the second dream, I prostrate myself before a Rinpoche. He also radiates an aura of love. He becomes a divine animal. 

In the third dream, I am eating in a restaurant and I hear a voice, singing an impossibly beautiful song. Then I ‘hear’ angels weeping, and I jerk out of my chair with surprise, now also weeping …. 



within the earthly
the ‘within’ of the earthly
love abundant
freely gifted
to each of us

surrender …

as the earthly
the face of the earthly
beauty radiant
love made sensual
gift of the divine animal

surrender …

voices weeping
weeping weeping
share the weeping
no more sleeping
allow the deepening

surrender …


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