John Woodcock Ph.D

John Woodcock therapist

After travelling to the USA in 1979, I earned a license as a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Masters in Counselling Psychology (CSUN, 1983). Over the next several years I practised as a depth or Jungian psychotherapist, continuing my professional development at the same time. I underwent ten years of personal Jungian Analysis between 1980 and 1995. My PhD focused on dreams and Jungian Studies (TUI & U, 1999). Soon after graduating I returned to Australia  and am currently working in private practice as a depth psychotherapist.


This short video (1min) introduces my approach as a depth psychotherapist.


Anita Hansen MCFT BSW

Anita Hansen therapist

I am an accredited Mental Health Social Worker with a Masters degree in Couples and Family Therapy and I have been practising as an individual and couples therapist since 1973. Having qualified as a Seven Principles Educator with John Gottman, I  use the  strategies of Gottman’s research in my work with couples.  I specialise in trauma and its impact on relationships. Strategies from CBT, ACT, and the Psychodramatic method also influence my work.