Soul Practice #3

This is our third, most recent interview. Natalie Zeituny, author of Ensoulment  interviews me in a series of 30 min free-wheeling conversations re: soul, soul practice, and more…

As you watch these videos you may see that we keep circling around a question that Natalie was pressing me on. So take a look at this letter I wrote to her after these videos were completed.

Good Morning, Natalie,

I want to send you some thoughts after our interviews. I watched the videos a couple of times and a central point that we kept coming back to is, “what is your world view, your core, etc., the cave of your soul,…” I tried answering several times, in different ways but we kept circling back. This suggests to me that in some way I did not adequately address what you are getting at in your question. So I went to your book and found this quote from you that may help:

Who is your soul, what is her language, what are her primary archetypes and why did she choose to journey in a human form? Is Ensoulment the same for everyone and who is the Soul of the World? Revealing and living your primordial blueprint, your soul DNA, is crucial not only to our well being, but to the evolution of our species and the cosmos as a whole.

Very specific questions! So, I’ll answer these and you can tell me if my answers work for you, when you have some available time.

  1. Who is your soul, what is her language, what are her primary archetypes and why did she choose to journey in a human form? My soul typically presents itself to a man first as “she”—mother, then later on, lover as a real woman, then inner beloved, then as mediatrix, guiding me deeper towards the spiritual life, then lastly she dissolves into the infinite depths of soul life. She is me all along…becoming in the end a soul capacity to perceive the inner depth of all real “things.”
  2. Why did she choose to journey in a human form? This question is akin to “Why Creation?” This is where the soul invents stories (life is a journey, ordeal, test, love-fest, etc.) to account for our otherwise inexplicable life on Earth. And such stories are the best way of helping us come into accord, as soul/spirit beings, with our life on earth. Our bodily being on the other hand, is always perfectly in accord with nature from the start (baby eagerly seeks out the breast minutes after birth, for example). Initiations used to bring our soul/spirit being into accord with what our bodily being always “knows” in advance (like sexual maturity). No other animal asks this soul question about “journey, etc.” We need to. I may know why my soul chose this particular path, on my dying bed, but at the moment the question itself is alive and vital to me.
  3. Is Ensoulment the same for everyone and who is the Soul of the World? It’s the same for everyone IF you accept that we each are spiritual beings (some dispute this) and are individual sparks of spirit. It’s different for each person because as individual sparks (essences, which many dispute today) that are born into a world of contingency (happenstance), the collision between necessity (sparks that want to come in, through desire) and contingency can produce so many different outcomes to a life. The Soul of the World is a story, once called truth, that says: The cosmos is a mind-soaked reality, ie it is ensouled from the “beginning”, long before individual sparks descended. Far cry from Materialism today.
  4. What is the language of soul? The language of soul is image, or poetic speech (living language)
  5. Revealing and living your primordial blueprint, your soul DNA… Putting it this way is difficult and explains why I was having trouble with your framing of the question. IF we reveal DNA code literally we end up with a dead animal, or dead tissue at least. The DNA code we get is a useful map or tool for sure but at the cost of the living being that provided the sample. Same with soul DNA. We don’t get closer to the living soul by turning a bright light onto its “code” etc., or by making a map of the soul. Such an interrogating mode drives the living soul into deeper darkness. So, keeping the comparison with animals going, I would suggest that getting closer to someone’s soul life is like going into the forest and sitting down in the dark to wait quietly until the animals emerge on their own volition. And even then you don’t want to look directly with a bright light (of knowledge/will) but discreetly, with subtle glances, so that the animal soul comes forward in its own terms, and whispers what you need to know/do, even as it departs once again into the depths of the forest. Any other approach really is an attempt to CAPTURE soul and then what do you have?

So Natalie, those much for now. Cheers, John