Post-Op Poem #1

Anita and I

Hand in hand

Promenade down hall

Through wide doors

Stairwell and foyer


We try the stairs

Balance improves



We come down the stairs

A white honky-tonk piano

Sits alone against the wall

Anita accepts the invitation


Melancholy notes

Of Cohen’s Hallelujah

Drift out from her fingers

Filling the space with his

Exquisite minor key music


A gate opens in my heart

Long held-back flood waters

Rush in


I sit there just behind her

And quietly tell her

“Just keep playing!”

She does and the floodwaters

Continue unabated

Washing my heart

Filling my fullness

With its emptiness


As the last notes return to their

Source, our source

We sit in Silence




We get up walk back

Through the wide doors


But maybe


We went through another

Wide door

That is never closed