Whom Does the Grail Serve?

whom does the grail serve?

if i had any doubts…

writing now for many years
essays, books, poems, letters

hunched over a keyboard
never learned to type
two-fingered tapping
through a phd

the problem?

hands shake too much
did in the guitar too
too much stress
too much fear
too many crises
too much loss

keep writing

dreaming often
striving for success
last night
weary strained
another essay on its way
and so to bed

i see
a motorbike for sale
yes! a triumph!
always wanted one
a triumph that is
bought it on sale
for $450
drove it to a gas station
gas tank rusted out
hollow victory it seems

wake up
keep writing
another six hours

lying down on my couch
closing my eyes
asleep yet awake…

i see her
she comes
to the foot of my couch
tall silent
so silent
dark shawl
face and body
she holds my feet
gently in her hands
removing my sandals
of biblical times
rough leather thongs
winding up my ankles
such tender ministrations
such peace…

fall asleep

bending to my task
once again…

she is the grail and…


whom does the grail serve?