How to Approach What’s Coming

If you want to know what to do next, here is a clue from Michael Moore. For me his most important passage is this:

So, for the past few weeks, I’ve been on fire. Not the “strike-a-match-and-set-myself-on-fire” kind of fire. I mean the one where your mind just explodes with ideas, with creativity, with a sort of gleeful mad energy and you just can’t stop. That fire that gets lit under you when you no longer have any other choice.

This “fire” is given to Moore and he may appropriate it to political ends but I think the fire is aiming for more than this (very understandable) human end. It is a response by BEING to the imminent destruction of BEING: a last ditch attempt to ignite the psyche, and therefore us, to imprint the urgency on human hearts so that we may begin to speak ITS urgency. Art is the way to do this. Art as the vehicle of BEING as it howls its message. Trump is a vehicle of the annihilation of BEING and we may expect others to emerge as mouthpieces of “LIFE MUST BE!” in response to annihilation. Ultimately, the meaning of of Moore’s (and others) arising as mouthpieces for Life is this: Love and Death are co-arising, not merely as human experiences but as the core meaning of BEING itself. Our cultural practices have split them apart and they now wish to unite in a kind of love-death mystery that is taking us with it whether we want to go or not. Here is Moore’s post in its entirety: