Trump 2024

Well, how are we all doing with the Trump thing, lately? Here possibly is a new perspective:




Below is Trump’s signature and below that is a graphic of white noise.

So, what is white noise? A signal that can be loud but it carries no meaning (no pattern, no sense, merely uncorrelated random signals). A witty comparison perhaps. But if one considers the signature, i.e., its form as indicative of one’s essence (signatures are unique) then this comparison becomes more ominous.

White noise as the essence of a being! Uncanny, alien, carrier of no meaning, taking us beyond sense to excess of sense. Nothing human here. Can we say there is an intelligence at work? I think that is demonstrable. But what kind of intelligence? Well we could ask the same question of AI. I don’t think we know. We may have to think there are intelligences not concerned with meaning or sense or patterns… or humans, at all but, rather, concerned with…. what?

Yes we can see our institutions crumbling—that’s one part of it but what else could white noise/ “Trump” be concerned with?

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