Towards A New Genre

Back in the “good ol’ days” of the 20th C., I self-published my first books at iUniverse in an attempt to connect with others. I began to learn how to format, and design covers as well. I also began to reflect a little on what I was doing in the act of writing. I seemed to breaking a lot of rules without knowing much about what I was doing. For example, my 1999 doctoral thesis came together in ten days during  a largely unedited dithyrambic furore. I was terrified it would not be accepted. I could make little sense of it yet I submitted it to my Committee, just as is. The books and essays that followed were produced with the same intensity or passion. As well as surrendering to this “method” of writing I felt I had to say something about the manner in which it was coming forth so that I could somehow connect with other like-minded souls. I made an effort to do so on the iUniverse blog (c. 2013). It comes in 4 parts:

John woodcock’s insights on writing part 1

John woodcock’s insights on writing part 2

John woodcock’s insights on writing part 3

John woodcock’s insights on writing part 4



These posts were later worked into two books:

MAKING NEW WORLDS: The Way of the Artist

MANIFESTING POSSIBLE FUTURES: Towards a New Genre of Literature